Moeraki Boulders

  • Accommodation:
    • Happy Valley B&B
  • Transport:
    • The boulders are located on Koekohe Beach, between the towns of Moeraki and Hampden
    • If you’re visiting from the north by car, the boulders are about a 30 min drive south of Oamuru. Follow State Highway 1 towards Hampden to get there
    • If you’re coming from the south by car, the boulders are about a 1hr drive north of Dunedin up State Highway 1
    • Buses leaving from Dunedin to Moeraki depart from the Botanical Gardens bus stop, Dunedin Airport, Halsey St, Public Hospital bus stop of the railway station
    • The bus will drop you off at Moeraki Lodge or Moeraki Turn Off
  • Things to see:
    • Katiki Point Lighthouse
    • Hampden Beach
  • Tips:
    • You can visit the boulders via the Moeraki Boulders Scenic Reserve car park, situated at the end of Moeraki Boulders Road off State Highway 1. Simply follow the walking signs from the car park and walk about 300m
    • The best time to see the Moeraki Boulders is during low tide, so you can appreciate their full size
    • If visiting the Katiki Point Lighthouse, you can get amazing viewpoints by doing a 20min walk at the end of Lighthouse road
    • Keep a look out for penguins 🐧 and seals
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