• Accommodation:
    • Hotel Campanile
  • Transport:
    • A 20-minutes ticket allowing for changing lines costs 2.8 zloty (PLN), its 40-minutes equivalent is 3.8 zloties, an hourly one 5 zloty, and 90-minute ticket has been priced at 6 zloties. The prices of unlimited-travel passes for all municipal buses and streetcars have been set at 15 zloty for a 24-hour ticket, at 24 zloty for a 48-hour one, and at 36 zloties for a 72-hour pass, while a seven-day unlimited-travel ticket costs 48 zloties
  • Things to see:
    • Wawel Royal Castle
    • Main Square
    • The Cloth Hall
    • St. Mary’s Basilica
    • Wawel Cathedral
    • St. Florian’s Gate
    • Town Hall Tower, Kraków
    • National Museum in Krakow
    • Old Synagogue
  • Tips:
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