• Accommodation:
    • Siesta Hotel
  • Transport:
    • Public transport in Istanbul comprises a bus network, various rail systems, funiculars, and maritime services.
    • Public transport in Istanbul (boats, subways, buses, trams , funiculars ) requires a magnetic card (Istanbul Kart) . You find it in the small kiosks near all metro stations, piers, and also bus stations. It costs 7TL , you will then add credit and top it up. Most trips cost 1.95 TL each way.
  • Things to see:
    • Topkapi Palace
    • Hagia Sophia
    • Bosphorus cruise
    • Basilica Cistern
    • Grand Bazaar
    • Kariye Museum
    • Süleymaniye Mosque
    • Dolmabahçe Palace
    • Archaeology Museum
    • Galata Tower
    • Bebek & Ortaköy
  • Tips:
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