• Accommodation:
    • Ron-Inn Hotel
  • Transport:
    • Guilin has two train stations: Guilin Station (Guilin Zhan (South Station)), which is situated in the main part of town and Guilin North Station (Guilin Bei Zhan)
    • The main bus terminal in Guilin is located a couple hundred of meters north of the railway station
    • Renting a bicycle in Guilin costs 10 to 30 RMB
  • Things to see:
    • Li River
    • Moon Hill
    • Elephant Trunk Hill
    • Longsheng Rice Terrace
    • Yulong River
    • Reed Flute Cave
    • Jingjiang Princes’ Palace
    • Silver Cave
  • Tips:
    • Take a trip on the Ling Canal, built in the year 214BC by Qinshihuang, first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty
    • Tongmu Village offers a range of attractions, from a Buddhist temple to a new tower. To go, catch the no.16 bus, situated on the opposite side of the road to Guilin’s main railway station. Get off at the San Li Dian crossroads.  The fare is RMB10
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