• Accommodation:
    • Dorsett Grand Hotel
  • Transport:
    • The four subway lines in Chengdu have linked the city attractions, train stations and bus terminals, thus making it more convenient. The starting fare is CNY 2, and the highest single ticket price is CNY 10.
  • Things to see:
    • Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
    • The Chengdu Wuhou Shrine
    • Wenshu Yuan Monastery
    • The Wenshu Monastery (Manjushri Monastery)
    • Du Fu Thatched Cottage
    • The Yongling Museum and Mausoleum
    • The Monastery of Precious Light
  • Tips:
    • 🐼 Sadly, holding a cub for free to take photos is currently not allowed
    • You can, however, make an appointment to hold a cub for photos at an eye-watering price of CNY 2,000 (£230.00) for one or two minutes. Visitors need to make a reservation by sending an email to or calling at 86-28-83505513
    • Alternatively, you can book a volunteer day at the research base, which enables you to get closer to the adorable creatures. Check here 🐼
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